Why Natkrea?

Because it enhances your well-being with its unique and innovative water-gel cream cosmetic formula.

Natkrea combines the principles of psychoacoustic resonance, quantum physics, chromotherapy, with the rebalancing and nourishing aesthetic function of its formulas, transferring pre-calibrated sequences of particular reactivating and beneficial frequencies (HRF method by Tiziana Palazzo Neuroscientific Cht), aimed at enhancing a proactive and productive emotional state. Through metals and precious stones including gold, silver, ruby, diamond, and the crystals contained in it, a holistic Natkrea

Rebalance, Rejuvenete and Recharge from Natkrea

In addition to the informative process of water, in its Rebalance Recharge, Rejuvenate cosmetics line, Natkrea interacts with your mood by strengthening and stabilizing it, creating a sensory link to your good mood through education in the use of simple and secure strategies of psycho-emotional rebalancing. Natkrea is your daily ally, with which you can train to raise your personal Manifesting Vibrations for a fulfilled and healthier life.

All Natkrea products are: No Packaging, Cruelty-free, “Vegan Ok” certified, and made with 100% Italian ingredients of natural and organic origin. Love, Energy, Passion, Nature, and Continuous Research. This and much more is Natkrea!

Who we are?

Natkrea was born from the desire to share a good memory of the heart of Tiziana Palazzo, the founder.

Natkrea was born from the encounter between the experience in the cosmetic sector gained in maternal-owned perfumery and the thirty years of therapeutic experience as a neuroscientific hypnotherapist of Tiziana Palazzo.

Thanks to the teachings in the sector, from her eclectic mother Angela, an expert beautician. Natkrea products are strictly handcrafted and produced, wisely and with love, in Italy.

Mother Nature gives Natkrea raw materials of excellence that Natkrea shares, respecting the physiological balance of the body while preserving the health and well-being of the person. Natkrea is the caress, the balm, the good memory that helps you to release your good mood thanks to a simple and safe ritual practice that enhances the development of higher and positive body vibrations.

Contact Natkrea

On this page you can ask for information on Natkrea products and on the three Rebalance, Recharge and Rejuvinate lines,